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HealthCare Bundle

Regular price $19,990.00
Regular price $34,000.00 Sale price $19,990.00

Let's keep it easy! You have a department to run so we built for you the best basic bundle, based on similar customers' preferences! 

What is in the Bundle

4 CleanMachines PRO
2 Clean Machines PRO mobile 

Bringing handwashing as close as possible to the point of care to support patients and medical team health!

36 Months Soapy Wisdom subscription for 5 users 

Supporting the Infection Control and Prevention team with actionable data science. Helping to maintain the highest level of hand hygiene compliance.

Employee ID on-boarding with the help employee ID card or a GDPR computer vision recognition. 

Automatic body temperature monitoring.

Soap supply for 12000 wash cycles (up  to 1 month)

3 on-site training

3 SoapyWisdom PRO trainings

4 Quarterly compliance reports

12-Month full Warranty 

Option for warranty extension through a service agreement for up to 36 months