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SoapyLore - Case of 8

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Case of 8 SoapyFresh cartridges, Each Cartridge can last up to 1200 cycles when it is used with the CleanMachine

Cartridge size 33.8 FL OZ (1000 ML)

Skin is the front line, the shield that protects us from external infection. When we developed SoapyFresh and our Soapy Smart Cartridges, our goal was to make sure that the skin on our hands was healthy and clean! 

This starts with applying the right volume of soap! Over time, I learned that when too much soap is used, it is harder to wash it from my hands, which will cause skin damage. Using too little soap will make it harder to wash the contamination away that I might have on my hands! This increases the risk of infection. I don't want that! This is where Soapy's Smart Cartridges and the CleanMachine shines! It is not only cost-effective and prevents waste of up to 90% of Soap, but it also keeps my hand's safe and smooth. 

SoapyFresh formulation includes a bacteriostatic agent which is an agent that stops bacteria from reproducing.

Directions: Apply the dispensed amount over your hands. When used with the CleanMachine, follow the monitor instructions for best practice

SoapyLore does not contain the 26 fragrance allergens identified by EU Directive 76/768/EEC Annex VIII (a).