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SoapyWisdom PRO 12 month subscription

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Soapy Wisdom is where hand hygiene is translated into data science. Compliance has never been easier.

Answering the BIG 4 Compliance questions

  • HOW we clean our hands?
  • WHEN we clean our hands?
  • WHERE do we clean our hands?
  • WHO cleans hands better? I am not sure I really want to know that one? BTW this is only if you want to know that this is a GDPR compliant system! 

24/7 I can download from SoapyWisdom, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or annual reports. Comparing day and night hand hygiene quality. Personalizing group or individual data view. I can even add user temperature monitoring and tracking if needed. 

With SoapyWisdom Pro I can personalize messaging on each device! The experience should be educational and fun!

" The organizational value of SoapyWisdom is clear and not something you can argue with!"